Bentley Connected Car Prototype

Bentley Connected Car app preview

The Bentley Connected Car (BCC) app allows Bentley owners to access and control their vehicles remotely (including the new hybrid range). Owners can control car functions, such as locking/unlocking doors and reviewing stats and gauge readings, as well as programming journeys and satnav remotely.

Owners can also purchase luxury services through the app. The Concierge service, shown in the prototype, allows owners to book hotels, make restaurant reservations, or even purchase tickets to events – essentially, a PA/secretarial service, 24x7.

Initially designed for iOS devices, including notifications through the Apple Watch. Built as an interactive design prototype. The screen mock-ups were designed in Sketch and the prototype created in Flinto.

Demo walkthrough icon

User Journey

A step by step guide to the uer journey shown in the prototype movie. Opens in a new tab to make it easier to understand the flow of the prototype.

Interactive prototype icon

Prototype Movie

Although the prototype is fully interactive, I also created a movie of specific user journeys to make it easier for stakeholders to visualise the flow.