Bentley Connected Car User Journey

The prototype is built in Flinto and is fully interactive. To illustrate the functionality and usage of the app, I created a movie of an example user journey. That journey is shown below and may help you to appreciate the flow of the app in the movie.

Before Setting Off

  • Quentin opens the app and signs in with fingerprint touch.

  • He switches from the dark interface theme to the light interface theme.

  • He browses the cars available to him in the garage and chooses the hybrid Bentayga.

  • He searches on a destination and chooses an appointment from his diary.

  • He sends the destination from the app to the car satnav, which is automatically programmed.

  • He displays an follows walking directions to the car.

  • While he is walking, he is asked whether he wants to set the climate control in the car.

  • As he is nearing the car, he is asked whether he wants to unlock the car as he approaches.

  • Quention turns off his phone and begins his trip.

During the Trip

  • Quentin makes a stop for coffee en route and walks away from the car.

  • Both his iPhone and Apple Watch vibrate and display an alert telling him that he forgot to lock the car. 

  • He opens the BCC app and locks the car.

  • Quentin decides to purchase the Bentley Concierge luxury service through Apple Pay.

  • After purchase, he has a brief IM chat with a Concierge representative.

  • Quentin turns off his phone and completes his trip to take the planned meeting.

At the Destination

  • After the meeting, Quentin sees a notification on his iPhone that the car is running low on fuel.

  • He orders and schedules a fuel top-up service.

  • He then browses gauges and metrics for his trip on the Bentley Bentayga.